Monkey Junior

Chương trình giáo dục toàn diện giúp cho trẻ học đọc

Reading program for kids
Monkey Junior
Reading games
Learn to read
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Learn to read

Những nghiên cứu đã được kiểm chứng

Áp dụng nghiên cứu của những chuyên gia hàng đầu thế giới về lĩnh vực giáo dục sớm như: Glenn Doman, Shichida và Maria Montessori.

Khóa học toàn diện

Gồm 1200 bài học, 4000 từ vựng, 3000 hình ảnh sinh động, 10000 audio, 1500 video.

Phương pháp học kết hợp đa giác quan

Phương pháp học thông qua giác quan nghe – Thính giác, giác quan nhìn – Thị giác và phương pháp học theo phương thức Vận động.

Các sản phẩm khác

Những sản phẩm giáo dục khác cung cấp bởi Early Start

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    Monkey stories

  • Monkey Maths

    Monkey Maths

  • Vmonkey


  • Monkey Phonics

    Monkey Phonics

Ý kiến đánh giá

Khách hàng nói gì về chúng tôi

  • - Mike Buxton

    A brilliant and colourful app for helping teach your children to read English. We are really impressed by how many different words and activities are covered! 100% excellent.

  • - Van Hong Sang

    My son loves this app. It is amazing that he can recognize 80% new words after watching the app once. He is very interested in multi-sensory part with lovely videos, the flashcard part is fast enough that doesn't make him bored. A very good app to teach children to read in an effortless way. Highly recommended.

  • - Mark Newman

    If you have tried this before and didn't like it, then download it again. It seems that the developers have listened to feedback and built the app again to make it much more usable and easier to follow. But where this educational tool stands out is with the 'Advanced' section, which uses sight words in sentences. A lot of work has been done to finally get this right.

  • - Shania Mondesir

    I have a brother and he is 6 and is in kindergarten and he can't read well. So I downloaded this app for him. And he was doing great he is getting A's on every reading work and homework and test. So I thank y'all so much for helping my brother. Love u so much.

  • - Karen Santos

    I loved this app. My son has a developmental delays and i think this is a great app for him. He started to recognized letters and memorized some words.

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